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Food Startups - Unreal Candy Story

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Three years ago, when Nicky Bronner was 13, his father took away half his stash of Halloween candy. "He said it was bad for me, so I looked it up. Turns out it is just loads of junk that you don't want in your body. I told my dad he was right," he says. "It's the only time I've ever said that to him."

Nicky asked his father, serial entrepreneur and investor Michael Bronner, if it would be possible to start a business that would remake, or "unjunk," his favorite candies, without corn syrup, hydrogenated fats or artificial ingredients. He also wanted to make sure the products wouldn't be shuttled off to the health-foods sections of specialty markets; his idea was to offer candy fans better options in the same stores that stock Snickers and M&M's--and at comparable prices.

Intrigued by the potential of the $30 billion U.S. candy industry, the Bronners began contacting venture capitalists, chefs and food scientists. They landed a partner in Adam Melonas, a former chef at Spain's elBulli--widely considered the world's best restaurant before shuttering in 2011--to become head chef and chief innovation officer of Boston-based Unreal Candy.

The first time Melonas spoke with the Bronners, he was hooked. "Nicky wanted to fix a problem adults had all resigned themselves to, and we had an hourlong conversation based around finding a solution," he recalls. Soon after, Melonas relocated to the U.S. to work on product development. The process lasted 18 months, involving thousands of recipes, consumer test groups and numerous trips to source ingredients and seek out the right manufacturing facilities.

Unreal's first products included three better-for-you alternatives to established favorites: candy-coated chocolates (à la M&M's), caramel nougat bars (Milky Way) and peanut-butter cups (Reese's). All contain at least one-third less sugar and more protein and fiber than their mass-produced counterparts.

At first Melonas and the Bronners wanted to target the Millennial market, but they quickly pivoted once it became clear that parents would be better product champions. They also found massive support at retail: Unreal products are now available in approximately 25,000 locations, including CVS and Target.

They will also be stocked in more than 500 natural-foods stores by the beginning of next year.

"From a retailer's standpoint, we are a mission-based company, and what we're doing is on trend, so … everyone is onboard," Melonas says. It hasn't hurt that the company has endorsements from celebrities like Matt Damon, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, as well as Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey. Unreal would not reveal revenue figures.

Nicky (who's home-schooled) says he and Melonas plan on adding more products and possibly expanding into categories beyond candy. His advice for other young entrepreneurs? "Start something that you're very passionate about," he says. "Then there's not much you can do besides work your hardest." That, truly, is the path to sweet success.

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SugarCRM Alternatives

Bootstrapping Tips

1. Bitrix24.com - Free CRM, planner, project manager, document sharing (limited to 12 employees)
2. PickyDomains.com - Pay per result naming service, $50 for domain/name/product line, slogan.
3. Reddit/Freebies - Community moderated daily updated freebies list.
4. AppSumo.com - Groupon clone for buying enterprise software.
5. JetRadar.com - Low airfare meta searchengine (searches through 700+ airlines to find best deals normally available through direct purchase on airline sites only).
6. SideJobTrack.com - Free invoicing.
7. MoneyBookers.Com (Skrill) - PayPal alternative, cheap way to accept online payments/credit cards (25 cents + 3%, please refer to site for exact details)
8. Kodesk.com - Office sharing. You can both buy and sell extra office space, including by the hour.
9. PRLog.com - Free press-release distribution.
10. InternMatch.com - Own slaves legally.
11. RetailMeNot.Com - Discount coupons, business section available.
12. OpenOffice.Org - Free MS Office alternative.
13. WaveAccounting.com - Free online accounting SaaS
14. SysAid.com - Free helpdesk software. ZenDesk.com is worth paying for.
15. CouchSurfing.com - Yes, I do want to let complete stranges sleep in my house for free (so I can do the same when I travel).
16. SubmitYourStartup.Com - Partly outdated list of sites that accept startup submissions.
17. Vator.Tv - Social network for startups
18. LowerMyBills.com - Loan/Insurance/Internet Provider/Phone Carries comparison service.
19. Score.Org - Free consulting from retired entrepreneurs (available in certain areas only).
20. Logaster.com - Free logos. Bad English gratis.
21. 99Designs.com - Cheaper alternative for design work. Designers hate the site, so it must be good.
22. MinuteBox.com - Hire doctor/lawyer/coffee enema expert - pay by the minute. Lots of experts, typical pay is around $2.50 a minute. Not sure, but there’s probably some sort of minimum required.
23. HelpAReporter.Com - Free publicity (pitch your business directly to journos working on certain stories).
24. AVG - Free antivirus.
25. Weebly.Com - Free website creator.
26. GotFreeFax.com - Send free fax online. Limited to 3 pages, US and Canada only.
27. RememberTheMilk.com - Free To-Do list, iPhone and Android support.
28. Zamzar.com - Free online file converter. Let’s pass a law that mandates that only one extension (how does .file sound) is allowed!
29. Join.Me - Free webcast/webconference SaaS.
P.S. I have not included eBay, Skype, etc. since everybody knows about those. Did I miss something? Send me a message.

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Migrate From Do.Com To These Three Alternatives

You’ve heard the news – Salesforce is killing Do.Com. They do promise an export tool, but the question remains – where do we go after Do.com shuts down? As you know, there’s no shortage of project management tools or task managers or CRMs, paid or free. But there are very few services that combine functionality of Do.Com and, dare I say, follow the spirit of the diseased.
There are best Do.com alternatives:
Best - Bitrix24.com

Do.Com migration app – announced.
Project management features – tasks, workgroups, projects, tasks, checklists, Gannt chart, time tracking, work reports, extranet users.
Contact management – contacts, contact import, CRM, mobile CRM, lead management, deals, sales funnel, e-mail, click to call, workflow integration, access rights and roles.
Doc management – file sharing, online editing, mulitiuser editing, version history, Google Docs, MS Office, Office 365 integrations.
Apps – Bitrix24.Drive (works just like Dropbox or Google Drive), iOS, Android 
Second Best – Asana.Com

Do.Com migration app – not announced, but likely. 
Project Management – tasks, groups, projects, extranet users, reports
Contact management – none native, here’s a video how to use Asana as CRM
Doc management - document sharing
Apps – iOS and Android, lots of integrations with other apps
Third best – Teambox.com

Now, there are obviously a lot more Do.Com replacements and alternatives and these three may not work for you. This is just a starting point. 
Do.Com migration app – not found.
Project Management – tasks, groups, projects, extranet users, reports, Gantt charts, time tracking, projects
Contact management – n/a
Doc management - document sharing
Apps – iOS and Android, lots of integrations with other apps

iContact discount coupon and review


Icontact.com is a website that was made to facilitate the needs of people wishing to get into email marketing. Icontact simply provides the tools that are necessary to initiate an email marketing campaign, track its effectiveness as the emails are sent out to customers and last but not least improve on your campaign so as to attain better results. The degree of ease that you will experience when using icontact may make you believe it is a tool for beginners. However icontact is more than that and will provide more than enough to satisfy even the needs of the more experienced email marketers.

First and foremost icontact simplifies the process of designing your marketing campaign. It's step by step process allows you to utilize plain text, HTML, templates or a web page in the creation of your campaign. Icontact also allows you to create an email that matches your website. This is especially useful if you would like to maintain a certa in theme in your products. Should you make use of a template you can store it for future use and you can also preview your email after you have completed the design process.

Marketing is only useful if it effectively reaches the customers. This is why icontact has one of the best tracking systems that can be used in email marketing. Icontact provides up-to-date reports on all the messages that have been sent or forwarded and also tell you which messages have been delivered and which ones have bounced. There are also many other statistics useful to marketers that icontact provides using tables and charts that can easily be read even by marketing beginners. You can also use icontact to track your marketing campaigns in social media sites such as Facebook and twitter.

Apart from the necessities, icontact also provides various features that can further boost your marketing campaign such as making and sending surveys so you can know customers' reactions to y our products. Icontact also assists in adding forms for signing up on your website and this is useful in gathering recipients for your emails. You can also upload recipients from excel/CSV files. The ability to define various target markets, adding social media features and autoresponders are just a few other features availed by icontact. The spam test feature is also quite useful for checking your email and ensuring it doesn't contain elements of spam/junk mail.

One of the best features of icontact.com is the fact that it is so easy to use. It has multiple features for accomplishing each function so that both those who are versed in marketing and coding and those who are new to it will be comfortable as they make their campaigns. The user interface is quite friendly and well designed so it's easy to navigate the site. For the more experienced individuals there are various features that they can use to further improve their marketing effectiveness such as being ab le to customize the HTML code.

When you run into any problems while using icontact you can sit pretty knowing there is a wide variety of tools at your disposal to help you with anything. From the user manual, articles and the knowledge base to the video tutorials and the webinars (live or recorded), there is plenty of information around the website to get you out of any fix. The step by step instructions will ensure that you always get it right.

When all is said and done, icontact has managed to bring the idea and capabilities of email marketing down to the inexperienced individual while also empowering the experienced ones. For those who make use of it, icontact will prove decisive in taking their marketing efforts a step further.

For iContact coupons, discounts and promotions, follow this link.

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Naming As A Business

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So you came up with an idea for an online business and started thinking of a great domain name for it, only to realize that all the good domain names are already taken. Then you tried automatic domain name generation tools, but most of the name they generated didn’t make any sense. What to do now? Well, just crowdsource your domain name idea generation toPickyDomains.
picky logo
PickyDomains is a cool service that offers 100% risk free domain name and business slogan or tag line generation service. It has a proven track record of generating great domain names, and business slogans such as SEOBook for Aaron Wall, eMomsAtHome Wendy Piersall, and SurefireMarketing for Yanik Silver.

How Does it Work?

To get started, you have to deposit amount depending upon the service you need. For domain name suggestions, the fee is $50. For business slogan suggestions, its $75. You can use credit card, paypal or wire transfer to deposit the money. Note that this money is only a deposit, which means if you don’t like any of the domain names suggested by them, you get a full refund.
After payment, you send them more details about the site you are starting, and characteristics of the domain name you need, like preferred extensions, length, and hyphenated or not. After that just wait and watch as people start suggesting the names.
You must check the suggested names periodically and mark them Liked or Disliked to indicate your taste. Once you find the domain you like, just mark it Picked to complete your order.
There are more then 44,000 registered contributors at Pickydomains right now, which means you can get what you are looking for within a few days, or sometimes, within few hours!

Become A Contributor And Make Some Money

You can also join PickyDomain as a contributor and make some money. Just register as a contributor and log into your account. Then, check the available orders to see if you can come up with some good domain names for them. If you suggest a domain that is pickedby a client, then you get 40-60% of the fee, depending on you rank, which improves with the number of suggestions you post.
To get great domain name suggestions and business name ideas, check out PickyDomains.com.
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Nota Bene Story

Crazy Startup Of The Day - PickyDomains.com

In 2007, Pittsburgh stay-at-home mom Evvy Diamond found herself getting itchy. With two of her three sons getting ready for college, she felt it was time for her to earn an income.

Meanwhile, her friend Amy Bass, a VP at a money-management firm, was hitting a midlife crisis: "As I approached 50, I decided I could no longer work for someone else. I needed to own something."

 In time, the two friends' goals would align.

As Diamond pondered what to do, she recalled her love of notepaper. "Even as a child, I would save the last piece of stationery of every set because I didn't want to part with it," she says. Inspired, she bought a letterpress and tried her hand at designing cards.

Buoyed by the response from friends, Diamond rented a booth at the 2007 Stationery Show in New York, which landed her several small orders. Then she thought she got her big break: 5,000 cards for a prestigious New York shop. Only that $12,500 order was canceled before she got paid -- and she was left holding the cards. "I knew I could sell them, but it wasn't going to happen out of my garage."

 Within weeks, she signed a lease for a small retail space nearby, and opened a boutique called Nota Bene to sell made-to-order stationery (her own and others'). Soon Bass began lending a hand after work, and Diamond quickly realized she needed her friend's business savvy. So they struck a deal: Bass invested $25,000 and signed on as full-time partner. "We're like two pieces of a puzzle," Diamond says.

The shop makes most of its revenue -- on track to be $500,000 this year -- from wedding invitations. But the women found a niche with in-house printing to personalize notecards from vendors like Crane and William Arthur. They've also begun stocking items like calendars and pottery, which get people in more regularly. "We found people were coming in for invitations and buying gifts," Bass says.

 Nota Bene has plenty of online competition in these areas, but "people still want the personal connection," notes Diamond. Same goes for the owners. Bass says the greatest reward is when a satisfied client says, "Oh, my gosh, I need to give you a hug."


Amount needed to start up: $20,000

Diamond's small initial investment went toward rent, paper, album samples, and fixing up the retail space. She tapped savings from sales generated by her home-based business, along with a line of credit and credit cards.

Pay Bass gave up to work for Nota Bene: Six figures

Bass and Diamond pay themselves $40,000 salaries and reinvest the rest of their profits. Both have working spouses, so aren't relying on their pay for groceries. That said, Bass says she's learned to budget more carefully.

Nota Bene's owners plan to expand their bridal business by marketing to wedding planners. Some brides spend $10,000 on invitations, programs, and thank-yous. "But we can also work with women who only have $500 to spend and make it feel special," says Diamond.

[Via - CNNMoney.Com]

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Zombie, Inc. - How To Profit From The Zombie Craze

Crazy Startup Of The Day - PickyDomains.com


Call it an artisanal arsenal. In Montana, a crew of 10 blacksmiths are forging handmade edged weapons to fight the walking dead.

The folks at Zombie Tools offer a selection of customized blades, including the Traumahawk for $235, and the Mack Daddy-O (a word play on the dan dao, a Chinese broad sword), which goes for $450. They make about 150 swords a month, many of which are exported to Europe and Asia.

"There are a lot of underemployed guys in the service industry who hate what they do and dream of making something with their hands," says Zombie Tools co-founder Chris Lombardi. "We're the guys who made that dream real."


Ammunition maker Hornady conveniently has a Zombie Max brand of ammo that's "specifically designed to vaporize zombie varmints," according to its website. There's even a Zombie brand ammo box.

Hornady's website boasts that Zombie Max "makes dead permanent," but it also features lots of warnings that this is live ammo. To wit: "Zombie Max ammunition is not a toy, but is intended only to be used on zombies, also known as the living dead, undead etc."


"Be ready when the Zombies arrive!" So says the ad for the bright green Zombie Apocalypse sling shot from Montie Gear, an online retailer in Morrisville, N.C.

Montie Roland, president of Montie Gear, says he sold 600 of the $135 slingshots last year. He admits that the Y-Shot isn't really for killing zombies, but he does contend that it's "also a great way to run off those pesky deer that are eating your suburban garden or shrubs."


Everybody needs a bug-out bag for the next big disaster, whether it's a hurricane or a zombie apocalypse. A company in Somerville, Mass., called Zombie SAK, which stands for Survival Assistance Kit, sells a variety of go-bags tailored for surviving the undead anarchy, containing multi-purpose tools, water bottles, medical kits and hatchets.

"It actually started as an idea as a wedding gift for my sister and her husband, because they both really like zombie stuff," said founder Ben Lewis.

Deluxe kits also feature extra zombie-chopping options like machetes and Gurkha-style kukri knives, but Lewis advised against wielding them "until the government tells us that there actually are zombies."

And of course there's world famouse The Zombie Survival Guide

[Via - CNNMoney]

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Best Free Google Sites Alternatives

Few products are as crappy as Google Sites. Google bought JotSpot in 2006 and (Google Sites is based on JotSpot) there haven’t really been any significant improvements for the service since. The good news is that there are a ton of Google Sites alternatives you can use and they are free. Let’s take a close look at them.

1. Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 is probably the best/most known Google Sites alternative, at least among free ones, if you planned to use GoogleSites for collaboration or as intranet. It has all GS features (wikis, etc.) but it’s more social (Bitrix24 is a free private social network) and comes packed with collaboration tools as well as business tools (HR and CRM). I’ve been using Bitrix24 for almost two years, so I can give you a very detailed description for this one. Here’s what you get with Bitrix24:

Documents: doc management, file sharing (private and public, multi-user online editing, version history tracking records management, Bitrix24.Drive (Dropbox clone) 5 GB free. MSOffice/Office365/GoogleDocs/LibreOffice/OpenOffice.

Collaboration and social: activity stream, intranet search, extranet, private social network, enterprise social network, likes, badges, posts, comments, blogs, instant messaging, videochat (one on one), videoconferencing, screen sharing (WebRTC), following, tags.

Project Management: workgroups, tasks, to-do lists, time tracking, Gantt charts, task reports, task counter, task reminder, personal calendars, shared calendars, group calendars, company calendar.

CMS: cloud (free) or on-premise ($2299), source code and API for on-premise version. 430+ free modules available, Bitrix Intranet for intranets, Bitrix CMS for regular site (non-intranet, non-collaborative use).

Knowledge Management: wikis, workgroups, intranet search, employee manuals, idea management, eLearning, training courses, knowledge base.

CRM: contact management, core CRM, invoicing, click to call, IP telephony.

HR: Core Human Resource Information System, searchable company directory, dynamic orgchart tool, internal job board, employee self-service portal.

Mobile and apps: Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac desktop app, PC desktop app (works as free Dropbox alternative).

Bitrix24 has over 35 free tools built in, so expect to spend an hour or so studying them all, if you plan to use Bitrix24 as Google Sites alternative.

2. SharePoint

$5K+, ton of integrations available, cloud or on premise

3. Jive Software

Supergood for large organizations, can get pricey ($50K+)

4. Huddle
Nice suite of collaboration tools, $20 user/mo.

5. Wiggio

Free (ad supported), student oriented.

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Best Free SugarCRM Alternatives.

Any way you slice it – SugarCRM is one of the best CRM solutions out there. I have only two objections with SugarCRM. Thirty five bucks per user per month to start with is a bit steep. Second, free open source sounds good, unless you have no programming skills. That's when you realize that when paying $150-$250/hr for even minor modifications or integrating SugarCRM with other tools quickly ends up with a huge bill.

The good news is there are many SugarCRM alternatives, including free ones. And I don't mean other forks like vTiger or other free open source initiatives, like FatFreeCRM, which come with the same type of disadvatages as Sugar. Rather, these are alternatives that come close to SugarCRM in terms of features and functions, but are either free (or better priced) or are easier to work with for a non-techie type.

Free – 12 users. $99/mo – unlimited users, 50 GB. Online or self-hosted. Source code available. API avilable for cloud and self-hosted. Features: contact managment, core CRM, invoices, sales funnel, sales pipeline, mobile CRM (fully functional), reports, Send'n'Save email, email connectors (Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, etc), shared calendars, tasks and project management, doc manangement, file sharing, workflow integration (business processes), activity stream, flexible access rights, phone calls from CRM, video conferencing, time tracking, HRIS, recruiting.

Nimble CRM
Free – 1 user, $15/mo each additional user. Online only, no source code available. API for cloud service available (contacts). Features: contact managment, core CRM, social CRM (!), social listening, activity management, no mobile app (-), reports, e-mail integration (ConstantContact, Awebber), Social Media Management (basic), tasks (no project management), calendars, phone calls from CRM, basic activity stream.

Free – 3 users/2500 contacts, $2-10/mo each additional user. Online only, no source code available, API for cloud service available. Features: contact managment, core CRM, basic social CRM, activity management, mobile app, reports, e-mail integrations (Mail Chimp), file sharing, web to contact, calendars, tasks and project management, calendars, phone calls from CRM, basic activity stream, following, tags.

Of course, there are a ton more CRMs out there but these three give a good idea what types of SugarCRM replacements are available. Overall Bitrix24 is probably the best free SugarCRM alternative out there, especially if you have 10+ salespeople, need mobile CRM, require on premise CRM and want to have access to the source code just in case. If you do a lot of social media marketing, social listening and use Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn as sales tool, NimbleCRM is superior to SugarCRM in many ways. Finally Insightly is a good middle of the road SugarCRM alternative for small sales teams (under 10 people) that don’t do social media marketing and don’t require all the powerful functions that Bitrix24 (or Sugar) offer.

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Startups To Watch - ContextMedia

Crazy Startup Of The Day - PickyDomains.com

Shradha Agarwal and Rishi Shah were writing an article on out-of-home media for their university's business magazine in 2006 when it dawned on them: This would make a great business. TV screens had become de rigueur in taxicabs, shopping malls and high-rise elevators. But the Northwestern University undergrads saw an untapped opportunity to bring multimedia content to a more targeted audience: patients in waiting rooms.

"My grandmother passed away young from diabetes complications," Agarwal says. "Rishi's father is a diabetes specialist. We saw how small bits of information at the right time and place can make a huge impact."

Their idea was to sell doctors' offices prepackaged video segments containing tips on diet, exercise and other lifestyle tweaks patients could make to improve their health. A TV screen in the reception area would broadcast this programming, modeled after segments on shows such as Today, while patients waited for appointments.

To test the idea, Agarwal, Shah and classmate Derek Moeller bought TVs and DVD players, culled content from the internet and distributed the equipment and "shows" to 50 doctors in five states.

The feedback? "This is great. We love it. The information is so useful," Agarwal recalls doctors saying. Patients were sold, too. They appreciated the suggestions, and the videos were helping them ask their MDs better questions. There was only one hitch: Because insurance companies don't reimburse patient education, the physicians had no budget for the service. In other words, no sale.

After considering, then nixing, the nonprofit route, the 'treps decided to offer content free of charge to healthcare professionals and to sell advertisements that would air between segments. Shah and Moeller dropped out of college to launch ContextMedia in Chicago, with investment from family and friends. Agarwal joined her co-founders full-time in 2008 after graduating from Northwestern ahead of schedule. (Moeller left the company in 2009.)

Because it's what they knew best, they started with diabetes. To obtain quality one- to five-minute edutainment videos, they partnered with health-content creators such as the diabetes platform dLife. "Commercial breaks," which last 15 to 120 seconds, make up 25 percent of the content ContextMedia streams into waiting rooms. Among the company's advertisers: health-food companies, gyms, retailers, pharmaceutical companies and makers of medical devices.

ContextMedia became profitable its second year in business. Revenue has grown 100 percent year over year since 2010; the company is on track to clear $10 million in EBITDA this year. ContextMedia's videos reach 50 million U.S. patients a year and serve 4,000 hospitals, private practices and other medical waiting rooms, including those at Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern and Harvard. The company employs 45 people, including five in its New York office, which opened in 2011.

Agarwal, now 28, is chief strategy officer. She credits ContextMedia's success with the variety and specificity of its library, which contains thousands of videos. The company has content for cardiology, rheumatology, neurology and urology patients and targets the videos streamed to each office based on patient income, ethnicity and medical literacy. "It's always relevant, and patients aren't watching the same thing over and over," she says.

But Agarwal and CEO Shah, 27, aren't satisfied just building a health-media empire. They want to help others succeed, too. Using their personal savings, they started angel investment fund JumpStart Ventures in November 2011. To date, JumpStart has invested more than $1 million in 19 startups working to solve U.S. health and education problems.

"Companies in healthcare and education really struggle to catch the attention of venture capitalists because they're not very sexy industries to be in," Agarwal says. "So we decided, where better to put our fund than to help other entrepreneurs build their businesses?"

[Via - Entrepreneur.Com]

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