Thursday, April 25, 2013

iMemories review

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A lot of people go to great lengths to capture memories that are worth remembering – weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, little Janey’s first steps, her first day in kindergarten, the list goes on and on. 
The problem with these old films, videos and photos, however, they are rarely shared and are likely tucked away in the basement fading away and waiting to be sorted and/or converted to digital format one day. And if one isn’t so lucky, natural disasters such as fire or flooding may just speed up the “fading away” process.
iMemories, recognizing this innate human need to stay connected to fond memories that can be relived over and over, is a startup that digitizes old photographs, VHS videos, slides and films, and gives the user the option to edit and share, and finally, have them burned onto crystal-clear and cinema-quality DVDs.
With the help of modern technology, iMemories includes quality enhancement, making those hazy photos and videos clearer and looking far better than ever. With iMemories, old memories become a fresh source of revenue stream.
iMemories offers the following services:
  • Cloud storage. Once your photos and videos are converted to digital format, you're free to share them with family and friends via a secure high-quality video sharing website.
  • Home movie transfer. iMemories transfers your home movies (8 mm, 16 mm, Super 8, Hi8, VHS and MiniDV) to DVD before the heat, dust, humidity and the years themselves take their toll.
  • Photo transfer. iMemories scans your scattered old photos and unlabeled digital photo collection and creates a digital library that's easy to manage and share.
To get started, below are the steps to follow:
  • Search those dusty boxes in the basement and gather your originals.
  • Send them to iMemories via UPS.
  • After they're converted and digitally preserved, you may watch and share them online via a secure and private account.
  • You can then create your own custom DVDs.
  • Your DVDs, along with the originals, are shipped back to you. If you still want your photos and movies available for sharing and easy access online, you're free to do so for $7.99 per month or $59.99 annually (or use this coupon for free trial).
Because analog media digitization is such a viable business model, perhaps the only way to chase iMemories out of business is poor customer service quality or mismanagement. Majority of iMemories users are raving about the service so far. Whether or not it sustains its winning streak and not turn into a bad memory someone would rather forget, only time will tell.
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