Thursday, March 21, 2013

Red-Hot Startups - Silp.Com Review

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Social recruiting is gaining traction nowadays. With the amount of information people are willing to divulge about themselves online, especially on social networking sites, that doesn’t come as a surprise. More information means more facts and figures for interested parties, like recruiting professionals, to sort through.

While there already are a handful of companies making waves in the field of social recruiting, like BranchOut and, Silp, a social recruiting startup, seeks to introduce a new angle to social recruiting – passive recruitment, as co-founder Dominik Grolimund, calls it. Grolimund is not new to the startup scene. He is the brains behind Wuala, an online storage company that he later sold to LaCie, which was consequently acquired by SeaGate.

Passive recruiting, in a nutshell, isn’t for people looking to find jobs immediately. Instead, it is designed in such a way that people won’t have to actively look for jobs any longer. This time around, the right jobs will come to them. That is what Silp is hoping to achieve, at least.

Interesting proposition, but the interesting question is, how does Silp plan to pull that off?

First off, Silp is a Facebook app. Once signed up, Silp extracts a mini resume from your educational background and work history on Facebook, and merges that with publicly available information from other platforms linked to Facebook, such as Twitter,, Tumblr and GitHub.

As soon as a job posting is made through Silp, things are set into motion: (1) Facebook graph kicks in and the employer’s friends and their network of friends see who might be best qualified for the job, and (2) they recommend the position to them.

When asked why instead of LinkedIn the app was built for Facebook, Grolimund responded by saying a person normally recommends a job to a friend, not to someone he/she met for a few minutes in a business meeting.

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