Sunday, December 30, 2012

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Making it to Harvard or other prestigious universities is not a privilege granted to just about anyone. Academic success is one prerequisite for acceptance. Aaron Harris, a Harvard alum who also happens to be the CEO and co-founder of Tutorspree, thinks that in making it to a high-caliber scholastic institution, high-quality tutoring plays an integral role.

Easier said than done, you might say, as finding capable tutors isn’t a walk in the park, which is why Harris and his buddies, Ryan Bednar and Josh Abrams, recognizing the need to solve substantial inefficiencies in the tutoring sector, started Tutorspree.

Tutorspree is a tutoring marketplace that aims to bridge the gap between students and parents who are unsatisfied with the methods by which they connect and work with tutors and tutors who are not happy with the manner they find new students. With Tutorspree, locating reliable and qualified tutors in the student’s locale is made easier.

The website allows a user to search through its database of carefully selected tutors by supplying location information. They are then able to view tutor profiles that list their achievements, educational background and work history. Once a tutor is selected, Tutorspree provides secure payment processing options, as well as feedback tools. Aside from location, a user can also search for a tutor by subject and hourly rate.

Tutorspree tutors are professional teachers, writers, grad students, test prep gurus, language instructors and educators with extensive tutoring experience. To be qualified, aside from the necessary credentials, each prospective tutor undergoes a background check and an internal screening process. Harris estimates that 40% to 50% of applicants are turned away.

Signing up as a tutor with Tutorspree is free, but a commission will be charged on all payments received for services via the company - 50% for the first lesson and a flat rate of approximately $5 for each follow-up lesson.

With Tutorspree, parents and students no longer need to flock to Craigslist or community message boards (both actual and virtual) to find tutors whose qualifications they won’t be able to gauge until it’s too late. On the other end of the spectrum, tutors no longer need to go through the rigors of self-promotion but are instead entered into a trustworthy database.

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