Thursday, July 05, 2012

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Nowadays, cost-cutting has become so rampant that deal sites such as Groupon, LivingSocial, Gilt City and others are seeing a steady rise in transaction volumes, hence, a continued upward movement in their sales. But sometimes, deal hunters get carried away that they purchase deals on impulse, only to belatedly discover they have no need for such deal. The end result? Money wasted. The very essence of deal hunting sorely defeated.

If you find yourself in a similar mess, fret not. is an online marketplace that flips this not-so-savory scenario in your favor. Maybe not 100%, but less than 100% is still better than a resounding zero, especially when it comes to savings. Aside from being able to resell those deals you bought but won’t use, on, you get to search for deals in your area that might interest you and buy deals that you missed. Transactions at CoupFlip are instantaneous, meaning, if you’re a seller, th ere’s no need to wait for a buyer. Unlike other similar sites where waiting time means weeks – if you aren’t so lucky, it may even take months – CoupFlip guarantees you an offer at fair value, and if you accept, buys your deal on the spot.

If you’re a buyer, CoupFlip has a huge collection of deals in your area from top group-buying sites. No need to scour individual sites one by one because CoupFlip most likely has them, and all in one site. Deals at CoupFlip have no time limit, which essentially means you can buy deals from over a month ago or even after the flash sales expire. Plus, you are not limited to one or two deals a day. And even further, deals are often priced less than the original, and all deals are guaranteed to be authentic.

Transactions are made via PayPal so that even those living outside the United States can buy CoupFlip deals. On the selling front, CoupFlip doesn’t support selling outside of the U.S., but that is being considered.

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