Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Caught Santa And You Can, Too!

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Mommy, is there really a Santa Claus? Why did Billy’s mom say there isn’t a Santa? If you haven’t heard these questions yet, you likely will as the little ones grow and begin to question the antics and even the sheer existence of the jolly old elf. Would you like to be able to offer a bit of proof to an inquiring little mind? Wouldn’t we all like to prolong the magic of Santa Claus even one more year? lets parents not only put an end to the questions and doubt—but, create a memorable photo of Santa caught in the act in a child’s very own home!

Meeting Santa at the mall or the local toy store rarely puts a child’s questions to rest. Imagine, instead, being able to offer a color photo of Santa literally caught in the act of delivering holiday joy in the child’s own living room or perhaps descending the fireplace in the little ones very own home. helps visitors create a unique keepsake photo of Santa inside the child’s home by combining site provided digital images of Santa Claus with a user’s uploaded digital photo as the background. Want a photo of Santa by the Christmas tree—or bending down to pet the family dog? With 20 different Santa poses from which to choose, visitors can select a wide variety of poses to coordinate with personal background photos.

Yes, tech savvy parents or photographers may be able to accomplish such a photo creation with a variety of software tools—but, for many of us, the time and effort involved is a bit too much at such a busy time of the year. makes it easy. In three simple steps visitors to can upload a holiday scene—such as a shot of the fireplace or the Christmas tree, add an offered image of Santa Claus and print it either at home or have it printed at participating retailers. Photos can also be shared via email, Facebook or on Twitter. uses Adobe Flash technology to create custom images from user uploaded photos combined with one of the 20 Santa images available on the site. The site is designed with three easy steps in mind—but, users are able to take advantage of advanced settings to rotate and move the Santa overlay image, or adjust the size, brightness and color of both the chosen Santa and the uploaded holiday background to be sure that the Santa image matches the digital photo.

These make really cute keepsake gifts for grandchildren or nieces and nephews as well. Last-minute shoppers can also purchase Gift Cards and eGift Certificates for loved ones with children, making photos a unique gift idea even if you aren’t a parent yourself. If Santa doesn’t visit a child in your life—check out some of the other beloved childhood characters such as the Tooth Fairy available at—the home site for iCaughtSanta.

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