Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dirty Auction

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When Raymond Aker ran a cleaning business in San Diego, he was frustrated by how hard it was to find customers. Akers solution became his next business: BidMyCleaning.com, a Web site designed to connect clients with cleaners in a transaction as smooth as buying books on Amazon. Users select what type of cleaning they need, punch in their Zip Code, and BidMyCleaning spits out price quotes from vetted providers. Customers schedule online and pay through the site after service is provided. BidMyCleaning takes a cut of 20% to 30% on each bookingthe average sale is $130. Aker, 36, says he and three thirtysomething co-founders built the site in about six months with $100,000 raised from friends, family, and angels. The company, which now has four employees besides the founders, was profitable nine months after launching in April 2008, with $390,000 in revenue in the first year. Based in San Diego with a second team in Houston, BidMyCleaning is now seeking investors to expand to other services like lawn care or repairs.

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[Via - BusinessWeek.Com]

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Link of the day - If You Sell Links On Your Site, I Will Buy Them Off You

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