Sunday, March 23, 2008

Should You Pay $500 For Review On JohnChow.Com? My Personal Experience.

I am a big fan of Johh Chow. So, I figured, I should try ordering a review for PickyDomains on his website, which ain't cheap - $500 to be exact.

Want to know if it was worth it? OK, you decide.

I had to wait over a week for review to be done. The review was good, there was just one inaccuracy - we do have a lot of celebrity clients, like Yanik Silver or Aaron Wall (of or Wendy Piersall (eMomsAtHome.Com), but domains we picked for them were not or eMomsAtHome.Com, as the review implies.

The traffic from JohnChow.Com to was surprisingly low - only 100-150 visitors a day for the first two days. How is it possbile, if so many people read John and he has so many RSS subscribers - I have no idea. I guess that people don't really care to read paid reviews. There were three sales that I can attribute to review, so I am positive that review will pay for itself over time.

I was surprised that many of our clients and contirbutors read that review and decided to comment on the service - 100% positive feedback. However, it was informative to read comments by people who heard about for the first time ever (despite the fact that the service was profiled by major newspapers).

Some claimed that there is no need for the service (even though the service has over 500 clients and more and more people come to us every day, which many clients ordering multiple domains). Others voiced fears that it's some sort of scam (I guess they did not bother to Google 'PickyDomains').

It's a bit to early to tell, but I am positive that review on John's site will give me some additional exposure on sites that track Web 2.0 projects - after all we are one of the few success stories in this niche, but still remain a relative unknown. Hopefull, some major bloggers (who read JohnChow.Com) will profile the service too. I am getting some inquiries already.

So, here you have it.

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