Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Biz Idea: ‘Barber Stop’


Everette Blaisdell’s invention was born soon after he lost his small barbershop in the Flood of ‘97. Because he didn’t have the money to rebuild right away, he set up a small shop in the women’s restroom of a friend’s auto dealership.

During 25 months there, Blaisdell said, he’d talk up the auto dealership and occasionally make a sale. That’s when he got the idea that a one-seat barbershop can set up inside pretty much any business. The hosting business can be the waiting room and the barber can double as a salesman.

Blaisdell’s shop has been operating inside the Grand Forks Home of Economy for about two-and-a-half years, he said, and he brings enough business into the store that the owners don’t charge him rent.

Three other one-seat barbershops are in operation at hosting businesses using Blaisdell’s design, one of his business partners, Rob Mims said, and they’ve trademarked the “Barber Stop” name.

Mims said he and Blaisdell have ramped up their business and hope to sell 100 units this year.

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