Thursday, December 06, 2007

Gamer Graffix Success Story

Gamer Graffix, a manufacturer of stick-on decals for videogame consoles, started out selling its own designs before landing licensing deals with Nintendo and Sony. With new "skins" based on game-giant characters such as Donkey Kong, the Providence-based company ( doubled revenues to $10 million in 2006.

Founder Chris White, now 41, was running a toy importer five years ago when an intern showed him how a decal had ruined the finish on his PlayStation. White spent eight months developing an adhesive that let stickers be removed and reapplied.

Niche stores such as EB Games began carrying White's skins in fall 2005. Sales took off in May 2006, when large retailers, including Circuit City and Staples, picked up Gamer's new labels. Gamer started applying its sticky technology to videogame accessories such as Sony's miniguitars and wall graffix, posters that peel easily from walls. Late last year Hasbro licensed the technology to create a line of Transformers wall coverings. Gamer projects sales of $25 million in 2007. Gets Sued

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