Friday, November 02, 2007

How To Use Funny Personal Ads As A Bait For Dating Websites

I've noticed that dating websites are using funny personal ads as a bait for prospective members. I've got to admit that ads are quite creative.

Imp and angel. Disembodied head in jar, 24, seeks pixie goddess to fiddle with while Rome burns. You bring marshmallows. No. I make joke. You like laugh? I like comebacks and confessions. Send photo of someone else.

[Christian Cafe]

Hi I love to work but I am fun passionate and easy going woman but sincere and honesty. I love to watch old movies with John Wayne Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin and I like to hear contry music while I am walking and going to and back home from work. I have long black and gray hair with brown eyes and a nice set of boobs if anyone is interested. I am a unhappily married woman but arent most of us. If there is anyone wanting just a pal, friend or whatever happens here I am. And remember honesty is the best policy. More about my match: I am looking for a pal a friend and whereever it might lead to. Someone caring who loves to cuddle kiss and especially honest.


Three toed mango peeler searching for wicked lesbian infielder. Like screaming and marking territory with urine? Let's make banana enchiladas together in my bathtub. You bring the salsa.

[Amateur Match]

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