Sunday, November 18, 2007

How Bad News Can Generate Good Traffic

People are addicted to bad news. That's one trend BadCyclopedia.Com is going to capitalize one. Started less then one month ago, the site is already getting up to 1500 daily unique visitors, thanks to articles, like Halo 3 player punched mom after she took away game, High Canadian Dollar Hurts Sales Of Premium BC Pot In US or Indian Man Forced To Marry A Dog.

David Molinsky, the owner of the site, was browsing (a well known service among web entrepreneurs who need stickingly unusual domain names), when he stumbled upon the name BadCyclopedia.Com. The domain hasn't been used, so David worked out a deal with PickyDomains.Com - he gets the domain for the minimum price and PickyDomains.Com gets free adverting and links for lifetime.

The next step for David was to go looking for bad news. And there were plenty of them. The trick was to find ones that were so outlandish that they were sure to become viral. The big break came with the story about a hundred year old wiskey that police was going to pour down the drain, because it was sold by a person, who had no liquor license. Traffic spiked and with it the confidence that the idea of site devoted exclusively to bad news make actually become a big hit.

Now David entertains the idea of converting BadCyclopedia from a regular WordPress blog to a Wikipedia-type resource. After all, there isn't going to be a shortage of bad news any time soon.

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