Thursday, September 13, 2007

How Bloggers Helped One Designer Sell Her $1576 Handbag

When pop princess Ashlee Simpson was first photographed last summer post-nose job, it wasn't just her plastic surgery that garnered mass attention. Sales of the dress she was wearing in the photo skyrocketed.

In the current celebrity-obsessed scene, an A-list star - on or off the red carpet - shown wearing a new designer's creation can almost singlehandedly launch a fashion frenzy.

And that's where style and celebrity bloggers come in: Hungry for fresh content, they're ready and willing to post such paparazzi pictures as soon as they are available.

As New York's Fashion Week gets underway, up-and-coming designer Sang A hopes to not only attract the attention of buyers and big fashion publications but also to get noticed by bloggers who are quietly transforming the way clothes are bought and sold.

When Jessica Simpson stepped out recently in West Hollywood with Sang A's "jade" clutch in blue python, blogs were quick to post her picture and solicit comments. And with the attention, from sites such as and styleminded, came demand for Sang A's new $1576 handbag.

Accessories designer Sang A learned early on that reaching out to the online community could be a crucial element of hawking her high-end handbags, which range in price from $1,500 to $15,000.

With a limited budget for marketing, Sang A has since come to rely heavily on blogs not just for attention, but also feedback.

The sites she chose to sell her wares, such as and, have developed mutually beneficial relationships with bloggers by incorporating reciprocal links.

"Blogging is absolutely important because it reaches the people that aren't inside the fashion industry," Sang A said.

"I read all the comments," she said. "I can't take everything seriously, but when they like something, like a particular detail, that really helps."

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