Tuesday, March 13, 2007

10 Best Posts

In case you haven't notices, Uncommon Business Ideas That Work just turned one year old. So I decided to go through all the posts and create a top 10 list.

0. The easiest low-cost homebusiness in the world

1. How David Mrack made over $2 million a year, chasing the geese.

2. How to make six figure income naming domains for other people.

3. How Michael Senoff turned $50 into $1700 on eBay, selling Jay Abraham's old seminar tapes.

4. How Steve Pavlina makes $1000 a day from his blog.

5. How a man who hauled other people's junk became a multimillionaire and will probably turn a billionaire shortly.

6. How one smart lady set up a touring business that takes people to various NY locations connected to movies and serials, like Sex and the City.

7. How Puneet Nanda makes $25 million selling toothbrushes.

8. How two guys figured out a way to find out how profitable or unprofitable certain AdSense niche is and built a business around it.

9. How to make a million dollars selling ecosystem in a bottle.

10. How Andy Gregg sells furniture made of used bike parts.

How One Blogger Increased His Revenue From $300/Mo To Over $3000/Mo With Things Other Than AdSense.